God’s Little Garden

God’s Little Garden

(U Pana Boga w ogródku)

Officer Marian is the worst graduate from the Police Academy. He is assigned to Królowy Most because the little town is so quiet that he should be able to make it here surrounded by forests and fields. Yet the local police chief is too busy to take care of the rookie. Agents of the Central Bureau of Investigation turn up in Królowy Most to hide a crown witness in a trial of the Milanówek Mafia in a rented villa. Soon the ex-gangster is driving in his roadster and the town rector pays him a visit to meet his new parishioner. The chief has also other worries: his father, a former artillery sergeant, keeps climbing up a high tower and has to be coaxed down by fireman and barmaid’s breasts; he has to find a husband for his daughter Luska, and an Italian businessman wants to build a supermarket in town....

Director: Jacek Bromski

Screenplay: Jacek Bromski

Cinematography: Ryszard Lenczewski

Music: Henri Seroka

Film Editor: Wojciech Mrówczyński

Principal Cast: Wojciech Solarz (Marian Cielęcki), Agata Kryska (police chief's daughter Luśka), Emilian Kamiński (Józef Czapla "Żuraw" a.k.a Jerzy Bocian), Małgorzata Sadowska (Halinka Struzikowa), Krzysztof Dzierma (priest Antoni), Andrzej Zaborski (police chief Henryk)

Runtime: 115 minutes

Release Year: 2007

Genre: Comedy