Films by Festival Year: 2010

  • Animated History of Poland

    Animated History of Poland

    A gripping animation depicting 1000+ year history of Poland in under 10 minutes

    Directed by Tomasz Bagiński - 2010

  • The Miracle Seller

    The Miracle Seller

    The path to discovering oneself begins with helping others.

    Directed by Jarosław Szoda, Bolesław Pawica - 2009

  • Born of the Sea

    Born of the Sea

    This is a story of transformation: a little fishing village becomes the modern port of Gdynia.

    Directed by Andrzej Kotkowski - 2009

  • Bronek’s Ballad

    Bronek’s Ballad

    This film is about Bronisław Komorowski, the current President of the Republic of Poland, and his family, as seen through the eyes of his neighbors from the town of Buda Ruska.

    Directed by Krzysztof Piotrowski - 2010

  • Balcerowicz. All or Nothing.

    Balcerowicz. All or Nothing.

    This documentary features the sociopolitical transformations that took place in Poland after 1989.

    Directed by Andrzej Fidyk, Anna Więckowska - 2009

  • Christopher


    “Christopher” is the true story of the brutal kidnapping and murder of the son of a well-known businessman from Dobrzyn.

    Directed by Dariusz Twaróg - 2009

  • Enen: Case Unknown

    Enen: Case Unknown

    This is a story of an ambitious young doctor who is determined to make a name for himself, to the point that his wife often accuses him of being more interested in his career than in her.

    Directed by Feliks Falk - 2009

  • Piggies


    This film focuses on teenage prostitutes, from a small town on the Polish-German border, who sell their bodies for electronic gadgets, cosmetics, and clothes.

    Directed by Robert Gliński - 2009

  • Lesser Evil

    Lesser Evil

    A story of a Polish philology student who struggles with his identity as a writer given morally conflicting circumstances.

    Directed by Janusz Morgenstern - 2009

  • Laura


    “Laura” is based on a true story about a dramatic search and rescue mission at Halemba coal mine that gripped the nation in February of 2006

    Directed by Radosław Dunaszewski - 2010

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