Call For Submissions

Submission Deadline: September 15

Download 2015 Submission Form

Showcase your film at the Seattle Polish Film Festival

Now in our 23nd year, we’ve reigned as one of the premiere Polish film festivals across America – and we want your film to be part of the independent and short film program of the festival. And there is a prize!

We are accepting submissions by filmmakers across the world to screen their independent films that embrace the smart, unexpected, and incredibly personal ethos that unites Poland and Seattle in artistic expression.

The criteria for submission are that the film has to have a connection to Poland: either a Polish (or Polish-American) director, lead actor or actress, cinematographer, screenwriter, composer or editor, or is in Polish, filmed in Poland, or about Poland or Polish culture. And we’ll be awarding a prize for Best Indie Film.

Films will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

Come to Seattle and get recognized!

How To Submit

If you wish to have your film considered for the next Seattle Polish Film Festival, please fill in this form and send an electronic version of your film and further details of the film (including a synopsis and/or press kit) by the submission deadline of September 15. We will gladly view films online, either by downloading them from a secure FTP website, or by streaming. All files and/or streaming links must contain the FULL film. We will not select a film based simply on a trailer or promo clip. If you prefer to send a DVD, viewing material should be insured by the sender and sent via airmail or courier (at the sender's expense) to us on the address on the form.

Please be sure to include all contact information, including mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

Any questions regarding submissions can be directed to: Ania Krol, Independent Film Curator at ania [at] polishfilms [dot] org

Please note that 35mm or 16mm prints should not be sent unless previous agreement is made. The Seattle Polish Film Festival is not liable for any film or video material lost or damaged as a result of shipping.


The Seattle Polish Film Festival (SPFF) has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality.

SPFF will accept all submissions of any format film: full-length feature, short film, documentary, animation, experimental video, or music video. All accepted submissions must be deemed of sufficient quality to be viewed by a public audience, and be Polish-themed or in a deliberate and meaningful way connected to Polish culture, language, or persons. It is SPFF policy not to offer comments or reasons for films not selected for the official program.

All feature and documentary films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English. Short subjects, experimental video, or music videos carry the same requirement for English subtitling, unless dialogue or commentary is unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation.

Upon reception of viewing copies, the SPFF will determine which works are granted entry into the SPFF official program. At this point, a festival copy of the work (if a higher quality format version exists) may be requested from the filmmaker. All shipping and insurance costs will be incurred by the sender.

No cuts or changes in any film will be made by the SPFF for any reason.

Excerpts from films will only be shown on television for promotional purposes if permission is obtained from the producer.

Submission of a film represents agreement with the regulations set forth here.


Seattle Polish Film Festival (SPFF) is an annual event showcasing the best of Polish cinema since the early 1990s. The SPFF is produced and presented by the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association.