Generations by Janusz Zaorski is a full-length feature and documentary film which was made for the anniversary of the Wroclaw’s Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych. Out of 450 films made in WFF in Wroclaw, Zaorski selected around 50 titles and ordered fragments of those not according to the date of their production but according to the chronological history of Poland, starting with Generation by Wajda, through films by Chęciński, Has, Kutz, Polański, to Holland, Kieślowski, Marczewski, Zanussi and many others. In this way, an unusual image of several dozen years of the history of our country and the Polish cinema was created, finished up in a contemporary frame. The film’s narrator is renowned Polish actor from the 1950s, Zbyszek Cybulski, who guides us around the contemporary flim studio and city of Wroclaw.

Director: Janusz Zaorski

Screenplay: Janusz Zaorski

Cinematography: Andrzej Wolf

Music: Robert Krawczyk

Film Editor: Janusz Zaorski

Principal Cast: Łukasz Jaczewski

Runtime: 104 minutes minutes

Release Year: 2016

Genre: Drama

Playing at

SIFF Cinema Uptown

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