(Piano )

Tragic events that took place in Ukraine at the beginning of 2014 were the background to the story of a special piano, the musical instrument that was supposed to strengthen the barricades of the protesters at Majdan Square. The instrument – saved by a conservatory student – became an active participant and a symbol of the revolution. The piano connected the faiths of the main characters of the documentary. Each of them was faced with a different choice, yearning to take the right place in the dramatic conflict. Soon the instrument united the people protesting at the square who, regardless of snow and freezing cold, day and night, sang folk songs and the national anthem of Ukraine. Regular Ukrainians tried improve their lives by seizing control over their own country.

Director: Vita Maria Drygas

Screenplay: Vita Maria Drygas

Cinematography: Vita Maria Drygas

Music: Antuanetta Mishchenko

Film Editor: Tomasz Ciesielski

Runtime: 41 minutes minutes

Release Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

Playing at

SIFF Cinema Uptown