Autor Solaris + Layer Cake (Autor Solaris + Przekładaniec)

Oct. 2812:00PM

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Autor Solaris (2016)

The first biographical documentary about the Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem, a figure that poses many mysteries and paradoxes: How did he manage to survive the Holocaust? Was he a communist or anticommunist? How could he keep abreast of science in Poland during the fifties? Why did collaborate all his life with Catholics if he was really an atheist?

Layer Cake (Przekładaniec) (1968)

Among the world’s most widely read and influential science-fiction authors, Stanisław Lem collaborated with Andrzej Wajda in transposing his own hilarious radio play Przekładaniec to the screen. A sci-fi satire whose implications for medical ethics and the law have only deepened over time, the film involves a racecar driver who is transplanted with half of his brother’s body organs after a catastrophic crash, only to find the life insurance company denying coverage.