The 30th Annual Seattle Polish Film Festival is coming this October

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Seattle Polish Film Festival (SPFF) is an annual event showcasing the best of Polish cinema since the early 1990s. The SPFF is produced and presented by the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association.

Support 30th Anniversary

Film has the power to bring us all together, and as Seattle Polish Film Festival celebrates a major milestone — our 30th anniversary — we hope you are able to celebrate with us, and support us in our mission to bring great Polish cinema to Seattle.

Our goal to raise $5,000 to help cover the cost of production begins with you. After all, it’s because of generous donors like yourself that we have been able to create this very special community. Your contribution will ensure our momentum moving forward for 2022 and 2023. We are grateful for every donation no matter how big or small, especially during these unpredictable times. We hope you will continue to support the Seattle Polish Film Festival in our 30th year. Please donate now by filling out the form below. Your name and/or company name will be listed on our website as a thank you.

  • As a token of our appreciation we will give one free ticket for each $100 donated. Free tickets will be available at Will Call at the cinema box office.

    SPFF presents: Vodka and a Drop of Art

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2022 AT 5 PM – 10 PM

    Just in time for the 30th edition of Seattle Polish Film Festival we are coming back with our annual fundraiser and kickoff party - Vodka and a Drop of Art!

    This year you will get the chance to discover the originality and creativity behind our festival posters throughout the years - we are bringing them back for this night only, along with the photos from previous festivals - join us to see if you can find yourself in any of those and reminisce with us previous editions while getting ready for the big one this year!

    As always - vodka shots ($5) and appetizers will be provided - all proceeds from this event will go to support future film festivals.

    And as a cherry on top - we will have the band "Zabava" from Portland OR play just for us!

    As part of this year's Capitol Hill Art Walk in October, we are hoping to see you there!


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    2021 Highlights

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    Ikar. Legenda Mietka Kosza | The film is based on the biography of a blind jazz pianist, Mieczysław Kosz, who died tragically at the age of 29. Born in 1944 in a small village Antoniówka, Kosz was recognized as one of the most promising young jazz musicians in the country. Despite being classically trained as a musician, he felt drawn toward jazz, and by the end of the 1960s, he became a phenomenon of the jazz piano scene in both Poland and worldwide, compared to Bill Evans.


    The Land

    „The Land” is a film composed of six separate dark comedy-dramas showing contemporary Poland in a humorous way. While each of them can exist as an independent story, they easily blend into a cohesive whole. All of them are based on seemingly ordinary situations which soon take an unexpected turn, driving the characters to the end of their tether.


    The Congress

    An aging, out-of-work actress accepts one last job, though the consequences of her decision affect her in ways she didn't consider. As Robin Wright is about to enter the animated zone, the Gate Guard tells her that the only way back to reality will be the next time she sees him. As she takes the pill to re-enter the real world, the Gate Guard can be seen as the bartender.


    Black Mercedes

    Warsaw, November 1941. Aneta, the beautiful wife of a respected barrister, Karol Holzer, is killed in suspicious circumstances. Rafał Król, an officer of the Blue Police co-operating with the Germans, is trying to solve the case of the mysterious murder.


    Cremation of Time

    An experimental film that addresses the global horror and sorrow of COVID-19, based on a poem "Cremation of Time" written by Beata Pozniak. Originally published in Kenya, Africa "Musings During a Time of Pandemic". Film is dedicated to the frontline workers for their tremendous support during the difficult time of COVID-19.


    Godspeed los Polacos

    This epic adventure film takes place during the Cold War. A handful of brazen, and perhaps naive, university students concoct a harebrained plan to escape Soviet-era Poland to paddle their janky, homemade kayaks in some “real” whitewater. Though they have little to no paddling skills, these unwitting adventurers are obviously charmed with the sport.


    Letters to Santa 4

    Beloved heroes are back. Their fates will intertwine again on the eve of Christmas, and new characters will turn their lives upside down. See the new part of the series, the first three parts of which attracted nearly 9 million viewers to the cinemas. By discovering what true love is, the heroes will understand that Christmas can indeed have magical powers!


    1800 Grams

    A touching story about the most important human matters: love, loneliness, sacrifice and courage, around the life of Ewa, a woman who works looking for families for orphaned children.


    Taxing Love

    “Taxing Love”, a heart-warming, romantic comedy is TVN’s original idea and production. It is a story about love which can reach us anywhere, even … in the tax office. Klara, devoted to her work as a tax inspector, becomes infatuated with the dashing but irresponsible and cynical Marian who is about to be charged with tax evasion.

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    The 2021 Viewers' Choice Award

    We have the pleasure to announce the 2021 Seattle Spirit of Polish Cinema - Viewers' Choice Award winner: The In-laws directed by Jakub Michalczuk.

    Congratulations to the winner and a big thank you for all your votes.

    About the SPFF

    Seattle Polish Film Festival (SPFF) is an annual event showcasing the best of Polish cinema since the early 1990’s. The SPFF is produced and presented by the non-profit Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association.

    SPFF was started in 1992 by Polish community leaders Tom Podl and Dr. Michal Friedrich. Mr. Podl and Dr. Friedrich were inspired by other notable Polish Film festivals in the U.S. and in Poland. They wanted to share this special part of Polish culture with the greater Seattle community. SPFF is the second longest running Polish film festival in the United States. 2017 marked its 25th anniversary.

    From 2002 to 2005, local attorney Krys Koper directed the SPFF. Mr. Koper ushered in a new era of procuring high quality films and guests. Under his direction, SPFF presented such films as Revenge and When the Sun was God, as well as classics such as The Promised Land and Woman Alone.

    From 2006, local patent attorney Greg Plichta directed SPFF. Under Mr. Plichta's leadership, the SPFF showcased critically acclaimed films alongside independent films, shorts, animations, and documentaries. During this time, the SPFF hosted a wide variety of guests and luminaries from Polish cinema. In 2010, Dr. Michal Friedrich returned to SPFF as the Artistic Director, with Greg Plichta as Managing Director.

    As of 2011, former Solidarity activist and local film fanatic Zbigniew Pietrzyk has run SPFF, and in 2012 was joined by his son Michal, a television industry professional, as the Artistic Director. Since then, every edition of SPFF is scheduled to reach new heights in terms of film quality, diversity, and sophistication – in large part due to the generous support of its patrons, and the selfless contributions of its dedicated staff.


    When you sponsor our cultural exhibition of Polish films your financial support helps cover the costs of film royalties, theater rental, airfare and accommodations for our guests, advertising, and printing. You can participate at different levels, all with added benefits! Review the options for Signature Sponsorship.