Backwards (Śubuk)

Oct. 144:00PM

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1989. A young girl, Maryśka, becomes pregnant with Darek, a policeman who is older than her. The man does not want a child and forces the woman to have an abortion. Despite the poor financial situation and ambitious life plans, Maryśka decides to give birth, and Darek withdraws from her life. Soon after, her son is born, in whose upbringing she is supported by her older sister, Marta. It soon turns out that the boy is very different from his peers: he is strangely withdrawn, and the only word he utters is "śubuk". The following years pass, Maryśka's son is thrown out of kindergarten, and after some time the doctors diagnose the boy as having autism. Maryśka, however, does not give up and decides to learn as much as possible about autism and do everything so that her son can undertake normal education.