Black Mercedes (Czarny Mercedes)

Oct. 175:30PM

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Warsaw, November 1941. Aneta, the beautiful wife of a respected barrister, Karol Holzer, is killed in suspicious circumstances. Rafał Król, an officer of the Blue Police co-operating with the Germans, is trying to solve the case of the mysterious murder. Suspicions multiply as one clue after another uncover the well-hidden secrets of the deceased and disclose an unclear connection between her husband and a high-ranking SS officer. Among the suspects there’s also a somewhat eccentric count Leon Przewidzki, who has a habit of peeping at the people present at the barrister’s apartment, especially if they’re women. During his investigation, officer Król gains an unexpected ally, Ernst Kluge, a Gestapo commander. Holzer finds himself in a more and more dangerous situation, while the murderer - still at large - might be a step away from committing another crime.