Convoy (Konwój)

Oct. 226:30PM

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A prisoner is murdered in one of the nation’s largest jails. He is shot by the Chief Warden of the jail, NOWACKI, who disappears right after the incident. During the investigation, the prosecutor discovers that motives behind this murder should be searched for in a police convoy which transported prisoners 2 years ago. During the interrogation one of the participants of the police convoy, Sergeant BERG, who knows many secrets, is called in. Even though there is a pact of secrecy, the prosecutor slowly starts to discover the secrets. We move to a past incident. A convoy transport of one of the most dangerous prisoners convicted for murdering three prison wardens and their families.

The conclusion of this history is very shocking – it appears that the purest evil doesn’t exist in the transported prisoner…

Can a crime justify a crime?

Special Guests

Michał Sobociński