Don’t Cry When I Am Gone + Exodus (Nie Płacz Kiedy Odjadę + Exodus)

Oct. 222:55PM

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Don't Cry When I'm Gone

The film’s title comes from the popular song, performed by the Italian singer Marino Marini, who visited Poland in the 60s. The lyrics were written by Wanda Sieradzka, the author of many Polish pop hits. This film is about her – a woman who survived the historical turmoil of the Warsaw Ghetto and miraculously avoided annihilation by the Nazis to build a great artistic career in a postwar Poland. The story of Wanda’s extraordinary life is being told by her friends and her only son, who got back home after years of living abroad to look for the traces of his mother’s past.


K.T.O, Krakow’s longest running theatre company, face a highly contentious and politicized climate when they decide to stage a controversial play in the public square. An compelling and timely film, Exodus brings to light an urgent subject: do we have the right to freedom of speech in Poland?