Humble Servants (Sługi Boże)

Oct. 216:05PM

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A young German girl jumps off a Wroclaw church tower. She is a member of a Women's Gregorian Choir led by a cantor Jan (Adam Woronowicz). The church community is appalled by a taboo breaking women's schola. Among those who strongly disapprove this choir is ...the cantor himself. The mysterious death is investigated by an experienced and uncompromising Superintendent Warski (Bartlomiej Topa), for whom saving human live means more than following the procedures. When he breaks the rules in another action, he is referred to a psychologists ( Malgorzata Foremniak). Hardly any man can resist the sex appeal of this outwardly cold but a beautiful woman... Superintendent Warski is not really happy when he finds out that Ana Wittesch ( Julia Kijowska), a German police officer of a Polish origin, is assigned to the case. He has no idea that Ana came to Wroclaw to conduct other secret investigation. Given an exceptional intelligence and a police instinct, Superintendent Warski quite soon discovers the truth about Ana. But it's not the whole truth...This is only known to Witecki ( Henryk Talar) a parish priest, the cantor's superior. Thanks to his partner a superintendent Konarski (Zbigniew Stryj), Warski ( Bartlomiej Topa) begins to understand where the greatest evil comes from... The evil that is created and enhanced in death silence... A Vatican envoy, Dr Kunz (Krzysztof Stelmaszyk) arrives in Wroclaw. Being concerned about a situation and atmosphere in the Polish church, he successfully forbids the church from carrying on the investigation. But there are still Ana and Warski who are not going to give up... What connects the suicide of a German student, Ana's investigation and a Vatican envoy arrival? To find an answer to this question, Superintendent Warski and Ana Wittesch will have to learn how to cooperate and trust each other. In the meantime another girl jumps off the Wroclaw church tower....