Leave Me Not (Nie zostawiaj mnie)

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18-year-old Sid differs from his peers who engage in easy and safe plans for the future at the edge of adulthood. He chooses his own path and doesn’t intend to live up to the expectations of his parents or teachers. Expelled from a few schools already, he gets his last chance to take his A-levels. At the new high school, he meets people who influence him very much. The dramatic fate of the group of angry young men force Sid to fight not only for friendship but also for the love of his life.

Director Statement
You are eighteen. Your life consists of sex, alcohol and drugs. You think that everything is meaningless. Suddenly someone offers a helping hand, but while they put faith in you, they are teetering between life and death. Your only friend commits suicide. You love a girl, who is pulling you into an abyss. You don’t notice the one who wants to save you... you lose them both. Is there no hope left for you? LEAVE ME NOT is a movie about love, youth and death. And about young people, lost in a consumerist society.