Planet Single 3 (Planeta Singli 3)

Oct. 186:30PM

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They came from two different worlds: he – a vainglorious showman, she – a modest music teacher. Connected through a dating app, later, as a celebrity couple in love, they hosted the biggest TV show in Poland. Now they face their greatest challenge. Getting married... and a life together.

“Planet Single 3” is, on the one hand, the next part of Ania Kwiatkowska’s and Tomek Wilczyński’s adventures, but on the other – a completely new story which can easily be watched without the knowledge of prior exploits of the comedic duo. It’s time to cope with the wedding, the reception, all the friends, and a family that makes you feel really awkward! Anyone who managed to miss the previous two films doesn’t have to think twice about going to see the third one. This is a whole new Planet: a one‐of‐a‐kind romantic comedy which, up till now, one could only dream of seeing on Valentine’s Day!

Special Guests

Nicholas Paul