Playing Hard (Zabawa, zabawa)

Oct. 128:00PM

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A stirring story of three women: Teresa, a respected sixty-year-old child surgeon, Dorota, a well-known prosecutor in her forties and Magda, a young professional who are at the top of their game and on the brink of collapse at the same time. They have little in common apart from one weakness that step by step brings them to
the point of almost losing everything they worked so hard for. Just like many others struggling with alcohol addiction.
When Dorota causes a traffic accident while drink driving, she uses her immunity to avoid prosecution. She claims it was only an innocent accident. Even when her husband, who helped keep her drinking habit a secret, slowly loses patience, she is still in denial of her problem. So is Teresa, who already lost her family due to
alcohol. Drinking is also gradually getting out of control for Magda, leading to events that she will never forget. All three are just about to hit rock bottom. Will they find the strength to do something before it is too late?

Special Guests

Maria Dębska


Zuzanna Szamocka-Švec

Second Assistant Director