Shorts & Independents Part 2

Oct. 257:30PM

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Shorts & Independents Part 2: Decisive Moments: Stories of Fateful Encounters and Extraordinary Exploits

W sieci / On the Web
Directed by Katarzyna Babicz (Narrative, 24a.18 min) Humiliated at work, 30-year old Michal must confront his addiction to pornography. He soon meets a girl named Diana on the internet. Intrigued and fascinated, he begins to stalk her.

Kurs / Ride
Directed by Kacper Anuszewski (Narrative, 19.12 min) A man catches a taxi. The conversation between the driver and passenger turns in an unexpected direction.

Ciepło-zimno / Hot and Cold
Directed By Marta Prus (Narrative, 35 min) A film made in one extraordinary shot. Two women coming from different worlds unexpectedly meet and make an unusual arrangement. One needs money, the other is after revenge. Director will be available for Q&A after the program.

Euforia / Euphoria
Directed by Natalia Pietsch (Documentary, 16.29 min) The owners of pedigree poodles must face a series of hurdles: from choosing the right haircuts, to constant grooming and bathing, as well as numerous other tiny details that can make the difference between winning or losing a competition. The experience also tests the friendship of the two women who must prepare their dogs, and themselves, for the most important event of the year.

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Marta Prus


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Strawberry Days Oct. 26

A love story of the son of a Polish guestworker and the daughter of a Swedish farmer. Set in the strawberry fields of the Swedish south, it depicts a world full of divergency and prejudice.


Mug Oct. 26

Recently Jacek has found himself a girlfriend. Together with Dagmara they plan their future, they got engaged. But the life the Jacek has planned in advance is disturbed by an accident – during the construction works of the largest statue of Christ, the King of Poland the protagonist falls from a great height and loses his face. After a cutting-edge surgery he comes back to his hometown but other people don’t know how to react. He becomes a stranger to them.