Shorts & Independents Pt. 1

Oct. 212:10PM

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Connect & Engage: Polish Filmmakers Across the Globe

Saturday, October 21st - 2:10pm @ SIFF Cinema Uptown

Nowhere Band

Directed by Gabriel Bieńczycki (Narrative, 10.34 min) A cosmic glitch, or was it meant to be? The power of music draws Anna and Jake closer together in the most unexpected way. Director will be available for Q&A after the program.

Have No Fear

Directed by Beata Calińska and Sarah Jacobson (Documentary, 17.54 min) Choreographer and activist Adia Whitaker sets out on a mission to protect young children from police brutality, creating a performance piece designed to engage people in a new way. Director will be available for Q&A after the program.

Seattle Workaday

Directed by Agata Zych (Documentary, 11.55 min) Local filmmaker, Agata Zych, returns with a film about Seattle, it’s people, the work that they do, and that streets that serve as evocative backdrop to their stories. Director will be available for Q&A after the program.

Polish Go Home

Directed by Elena Andreicheva (Documentary, 29.56 min) A story of migration, struggle and the search for home. Living on the streets of London, Kuba has fled the responsibility of family life in Poland - and a difficult past. This film follows his journey back to Poland to face the problems he left behind.

Special Guests

Beata Calinska


Gabriel Bienczycki


Agata Zych