Squadron 303 (Dywizjon 303. Historia prawdziwa)

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The movie is based on the book by Arkady Fiedler. It is a story of the Polish pilots that initially not appreciated and disrespected become a legend during the World War II. As a part of the Royal Air Force in UK, polish soldiers create an elite division - Squadron 303 that was second to none.
During the war years when every day could have been the last one to them, the Squadron 303 is not afraid to perform the air evolutions on the border of insanity.
Their magnificent skills and extraordinary sense of patriotism could be an example for the future generations of what the real heroism means.
The movie tells a story of spectacular actions taken by the Squadron 303 during the Battle of Britain against Nazi attacks but also brings us closer to their private lives. Who they loved, who they missed and who they lost.

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