The Crystal Girl (Kryształowa Dziewczyna)

Oct. 228:30PM

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The film follows a few people in their twenties experiencing young love – Adrian, Jacus, Wasyl, and Wiesia, the Crystal Girl. Adrian is on his final year studying philosophy. During a lecture on the nature of love, he notices Magda, a socially engaged journalist who has her own radio audition. They start dating. Jacus, who shares a dorm room with Adrian, is hopelessly in love with Wasyl. Unable to deal with his unrequited love, Jacus is driven to psychosis. Adrian's sister Wiesia is soon to be married to Szymon, and the couple are looking for a flat together. When Adrian drops by for a visit, he realises that Szymon is physically abusing his sister. Wiesia, however, is in denial.