The Messenger (Kurier)

Oct. 206:00PM

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His solitary mission was to be decisive in the fates of Poland and World War II. Tracked by all enemy intelligence, transferred from hotel Savoy to Żabno in the dead of night, he meets people who will change his life forever.
The new motion picture by Władysław Pasikowski, the director of the hits „Jack Strong” and „Pitbull: Last Dog”, is a sensational spy movie inspired by the secret mission of a famous messenger from Warsaw.
The incredible events from the life of Jan Nowak- Jeziorański are ideal screenplay material, which is confirmed by Pasikowski himself: “Our goal is to tell a spectacular story based on real life events that not even James Bond’s screenwriters could imagine. We want to tell this story in the most modern way possible, using the latest design ideas of action-adventure movies” - Władysław Pasikowski, director and screenplay author of „The Messenger”.
The producers of this high- budget production are: The Warsaw Rising Museum, the initiator of this undertaking, and Scorpio Studio, the co-producer of the successful and widely acclaimed movie “Jack Strong” which amassed 1.2 million viewers in theatres.
Among the international cast we see Philippe Tłokiński („Belfer” directed by Łukasz Palkowski) and Patrycja Volny („1983” – the first Polish series on Netflix). These two
promising actors are partnered with an array of Polish stars: Tomasz Schuchardt, Adam Woronowicz, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Mirosław Baka, Rafał Królikowski, Grzegorz Małecki
and Jan Frycz.