The Tenants + First Pole on Mars + Best Fireworks Ever (Lokatorki + Pierwszy Polak Na Marsie + Najlepsze Fajerwerki Ever)

Oct. 224:25PM

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The Tenants

A single woman buys her dream apartment on a bailiffs auction. But sometimes a dream fulfills as a.... nightmare. A graduation film produced by Polish National Film School in Lodz/ film in final postproduction.

First Pole on Mars

In the Milky Way, on the Solar System's third planet from the Sun, Kazimierz, aged 68 is mounting a device for communication with the Cosmos. At the same space-time, the fight for participation in the historic Mars One project begins. Kazimierz has a chance of becoming one of the first colonisers of Mars. But first he must overcome some three thousand other applicants...

Best Fireworks Ever

The plot of the film takes place in the contemporary world in one of the European cities. It depicts one day of life of three friends who, facing a fictional military conflict in their country, must modify their plans for the future.

Special Guests

Klara Kochanska


Justyna Wasilewska