Films by Festival Year: 2015

  • Polish Shit

    Polish Shit

    Reunion tour of The Transistors is full of hardships and disappointments. Their new manager, debt collector Czesław Skandal turns out to be a disaster. Will the musicians’ friendship survive such ordeals?

    Directed by Grzegorz Jankowski - 2014

  • Gods


    Life and career of Polish cardiac surgeon Zbigniew Religa, who in 1985 performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland.

    Directed by Łukasz Palkowski - 2014

  • Karski


    During WWII, against grave odds and at great personal cost, Jan Karski informed Western politicians about the fate of Jews under Nazi occupation.

    Directed by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz - 2014

  • Anatomy of Evil

    Anatomy of Evil

    A 65-year old hit-man takes on a job he cannot possibly fulfil.

    Directed by Jacek Bromski - 2015

  • Fanciful


    A 15-year-old girl is befallen by a mysterious disease. Her emotionally distant father tries to rebuild their relationship.

    Directed by Katarzyna Jungowska - 2014

  • Secret Sharer

    Secret Sharer

    A romantic thriller set against the confrontation of Eastern and Western cultures. Inspired by a short story by Joseph Conrad - The Secret Sharer.

    Directed by Piotr Fudakowski - 2014

  • One Billion Happy People

    One Billion Happy People

    A disco-polo group gets their shot at international stardom.

    Directed by Maciej Bochniak - 2011

  • I’m Pole

    I’m Pole

    A portrait of a huge right-wing demonstration in Warsaw that, for several years, has regularly turned into a riot on November 11 (Polish Independence Day).

    Directed by Paweł Hejbudzki - 2013

  • Entropy


    WWII. Four young soldiers of the Polish Underground enter a home of a woman to carry out an order of the Polish Underground Court. Based on Marek Hłasko’s short story Miesiąc Matki Boskiej.

    Directed by Wojciech Klimala - 2014

  • Strong Coffee Isn’t That Bad

    Strong Coffee Isn’t That Bad

    Father and son try to reconcile after 18 years apart.

    Directed by Aleksander Pietrzak - 2014

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