2013 Festival Guests

  • Ewa Jakimowska

    Ewa Jakimowska

    [production designer]

    Ewa Jakimowska, production designer. Graduated from the University of Warsaw with a degree in Philosophy and History of Art. Jakimowska has worked as a production designer for numerous movies…[read more]

  • Mirosław Słowiński

    Mirosław Słowiński


    Born in 1953, Słowiński has a PhD in humanities and currently heads the Satchwell Warsaw movie studio. As a producer he has worked on numerous movies and TV shows,…[read more]

  • Paweł Małaszyński

    Paweł Małaszyński

    [actor, vocalist, songwriter]

    Paweł Małaszyński was born on June 26, 1976 in Szczecink, Poland. Already as a teenager, he was interested in film when he joined a film club Projektor (Projector) in…[read more]

  • Andrzej Jakimowski

    Andrzej Jakimowski

    [director, screenwriter, producer]

    Andrzej Jakimowski was born in Warsaw in 1963. He is a director, screenwriter and producer.

    Jakimowski made his first short films already as a secondary school…[read more]

  • Olga Bieniek

    Olga Bieniek


    First and foremost, Olga Bieniek is a mother of two little boys. She is a producer at Filmicon Film House in Gdańsk, Poland. When she was 16, Bieniek…[read more]

  • Małgorzata Małysa

    Małgorzata Małysa

    [assistant producer]

    Małgorzata Małysa is Assistant Producer at Filmicon Film House in Gdańsk, Poland. She studied psychology and received MA in Social Communication and Media. Małysa worked as a fashion…[read more]

  • Janusz Zaorski

    Janusz Zaorski

    [director, screenwriter, producer]

    Janusz Zaorski (born September 19, 1947) is a Polish film director, screenwriter and actor. His work is representative of the moral concern cinema, a trend in Polish film. Zaorski…[read more]

  • Bodo Kox

    Bodo Kox

    [director, screenwriter, amateur actor]

    Born in 1977. Bodo Kox is a director, screenwriter and amateur actor. Author of many independent films recognized and awarded at Polish and international film festivals. Student of film…[read more]

  • Julia Kolberger

    Julia Kolberger


    Born in 1978. Kolberger studied English language and literature, film studies, and applied linguistics in Tours and in Paris. She graduated in directing from the National Film School in…[read more]