Films by Festival Year: 2011

  • Trip To Nowhere

    Trip To Nowhere

    An animated true story of Polish children deported to Siberia by the Soviet Union during WW2.

    Directed by Shanon Hart-Reed - 2010

  • Joanna


    It's World War II and a young woman hides a Jewish girl in her apartment.

    Directed by Feliks Falk - 2010

  • Flying Pigs

    Flying Pigs

    Set in the Polish soccer scene. A story of great emotions, love, friendship and the rules that are worth following in life.

    Directed by Anna Kazejak - 2010

  • Entanglement


    There are secrets you don't hide in a bank. Secrets too gruesome to ever come to light...

    Directed by Jacek Bromski - 2011

  • Rite of Passage

    Rite of Passage

    A coming-of-age story set shortly after World War II in Krakow, Poland.

    Directed by Janusz Majewski - 2010

  • Erratum


    If only we could stop time and start over... A wife, son, and a good job - Michal's life is perfectly arranged.

    Directed by Marek Lechki - 2010

  • Snow Queen

    Snow Queen

    A mother accidentally discovers her son’s homosexuality and his relationship with another man. A son loses his partner and his mother’s trust.

    Directed by Maciej Michalski - 2009

  • City of Ruins

    City of Ruins

    The world's first digital reconstruction of Warsaw destroyed during the Second World War.

    Directed by Damian Nenow - 2010

  • Poland in Freedom

    Poland in Freedom

    The film summarizes the result of 22 years of changes in Poland in the context of events filmed in 1989.

    Directed by Ireneusz Engler - 2011

  • Mystification


    It is 1968. A university student comes across a sensational clue that may change history. His investigation proves that renowned Polish painter and writer, Witkacy, did not commit suicide in 1939.

    Directed by Jacek Koprowicz - 2010

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